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The Technological Tools for Empowering the Amazon course of the All Eyes on the Amazon Program seeks, through the TOA Platform, to provide participants with dynamic digital literacy skills to improve their competencies in the use of information and communication technologies, also known as ICTs. 

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A team of experts in digital inclusion such as:

Michelle Jones: She has a degree in Anthropology and a master's degree in Geography from the University of Costa Rica - UCR. She has been a professor at UCR and is a tutor at UNED (Universidad Nacional Estatal a Distancia). In this process she developed several materials and coordinated the work of the team.

Ana Rodera: She has a PhD in Education and Technology, specializing in e-learning, from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). She also has a degree in Psychopedagogy (UNED Spain), a master's degree in the Application of New Technologies in Education, a postgraduate degree in Learning Programs and New Training Environments from the University of Barcelona (UB) and a degree in Teaching, specializing in Physical Education (UB). She holds the Google Educator certificate, level 1 and level 2.

William Delgado: He has a doctorate from the Universidad Oberta de Catalunya in education and tics, a master's degree in Educational Technology and Materials Production, Educational Administration and Curriculum Planning, a bachelor's degree in Education Sciences in Basic Education and a bachelor's degree in Education Sciences with emphasis in Preschool Education. He has experience as a university professor since 2010 and is currently the Director of the Academic Development Center at TEC (Technological Institute of Costa Rica).

Paulina Torres Mora: Bachelor in Sociology, developing the final graduation project in the Central American Masters in Rural Education. She has six years of work experience in the National University, developing teaching from the classroom and distance modality in rural and indigenous communities.

Irene Chacon and Olman Vargas (ConejoPanda Producciones): ConejoPanda has been in existence since 2008. Its founders have degrees in Psychology, Collective Communication and Video Production. They have focused on creating educational audiovisual content with a focus on Human Rights.

Gabriela Acuña Esquivel: She has a degree in Advertising Design from Universidad Véritas, a postgraduate degree in Front End Development from Universidad Cenfotec, and certifications in Design Thinking and User Experience from the Interaction Design Foundation.


Additional Informations

The internet, social networks and everything that happens in the digital world is also important for the real world. Currently, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020, all work, activism and educational processes moved to the digital realm.

This sudden change has forced everyone to adapt to this reality in which virtual meetings, the exchange of information through messaging applications and the general use of the Internet are part of our daily lives.

The digital divide in Latin American countries is enormous in urban and rural environments. And when we move to the reality of the Amazonian communities of Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, this gap is not only of internet access, but there is also a need for digital literacy, because their geographical location has limited their connectivity, as well as access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).