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This course of in-depth journalism, seeks to provide theoretical and practical tools for the knowledge of human rights, indigenous communities, nationalities and environment, in order to provide tools to the Amazonian communities of Ecuador, Peru and Brazil for the vindication of their rights and the defense of their territories.

The course will train participants in in-depth journalism in the Amazon through topics such as reporting, narrative, image, data, among others. 



GK es uno de los medios de comunicación más importantes de Ecuador, y  el medio digital más representativo. GK es uno de los diez medios de comunicación más leídos de Ecuador y se caracteriza porque su periodismo genera impactos en la sociedad.


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Who is giving this course

GK is one of the most important media in Ecuador, and the most representative digital media. GK is one of the ten most widely read media outlets in Ecuador and our journalism it's characterized for the impact on society. GK also covers daily news from an explanatory perspective, while producing in-depth investigations. Its journalism focuses on three main areas: transparency, environment and gender, all with a human rights approach. The human rights and gender focus extends to all other topics covered, including economy, education or even food news.


GK has a training school on journalism called Escuela GK, whose objective is to promote the improvement of investigative and in-depth journalism in Ecuador. The GK School trains teenagers, young people and adults throughout journalism, storytelling, spokespersons, photography and social networks, teaching them to be more effective communicators and helping them to spread their stories in the media.



Additional Informations

The human rights approach of in-depth journalism is increasingly necessary in the region and GK is betting on this type. Much of the journalism produced in Latin America is focused on major cities. However, in-depth journalism is essential for a more democratic society, one that understands the reality and reaches out to more distant regions. One of these regions is the Amazon, which has been relegated to be a distant, foreign, and understood space. Many times those journalists who report on the Amazon do it with a vision usually disconnected from the realities, cosmogonies and concerns of Amazonian communities.


In this context, GK has partnered with the program All Eyes on the Amazon to promote journalistic coverage on environmental issues, mainly in the Amazon, and to promote the commitment of the Latin American media to inform and monitor the actions taken by the States. This project will foster the creation of links and the exchange of experiences among Amazonian journalists and communicators from Ecuador, Peru and Brazil in their coverage of the Amazon, create links between them and allow for the necessary exposure of the socio-environmental conflicts that occur in the Amazon - especially in the territories where the program works.


Between 2020 and 2021 the Escuela GK, with the support of Hivos and TOA, developed a training and scholarship program to promote stories in the Amazon. This program will have its second phase in 2021 in which 8 virtual modules on in-depth journalism will be developed to promote remote learning for communicators and people interested in developing journalistic skills in the Amazon.