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Podcast has become a wide-ranging and innovative format for the generation of information and storytelling. A documentary podcast tells real stories with sound resources and without images, which allows the listener for a more intimate relationship with the story. 

During this course you will learn all the necessary stages for the production of a documentary podcast with easily accessible tools and technical equipment. 

All you need is a mobile phone, headphones with a microphone and internet access. With  technical concepts and practical exercises you can learn in a simple way how to tell a story and publish it for broadcast. 

This practical learning process will be done through five modules that include support material and progressive practical exercises. These will allow  you to build your podcast until it is published. 



Sacha Manchi

Escuela de cine comunitario

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Who is giving this course

Sacha Manchi is an itinerant school for community film and communication. Since 2014, Sacha Manchi has carried out  training, production and exhibition processes of communitary film and participative video, with an emphasis on territory  protection  . These activities have taken place alongside  academic spaces for reflection, analysis and debate regarding the use of video and film for territorial struggles, as well as  dissemination of traditions and  indigenous peoples´ ways of life. As they are currently facing serious threats to their ways of existence due to the imposition of large-scale extractive projects. 

Sacha Manchi promotes active, participative, horizontal and recursive learning processes. Learning by doing is a fundamental principle in our teaching practices, which also seek to deepen the essence of the documentary genre as a form of creative learning that has great impact.

Based on the premise of self-representation, we aim for each participant to be able to understand documentary storytelling to express their own stories using free access tools to make a podcast and broadcast it.